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  • Have you recently renovated?
  • Replaced your windows?
  • Scraped or sanded paint or varnish?
  • Is there a possibility the prior owner renovated and disturbed paint?
  • Does your home contain unstable paint? Examples of this would be:
    • Chalking, flaking, deteriorating paint.
    • Was your home built before 1978?
  • Do your children or grandchildren spend time in the home?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, your home should be tested by a licensed lead clearance technician.

While often overlooked, renovations such as window replacement, can disturb paint and create dust that can be detrimental to the occupant’s health, especially children. Many older homes with replacement windows may still pose a danger to health, if the areas were not properly contained and cleaned at the time of removal and installation.

The health effects of lead can be devastating but can be preventable. Proper cleaning and testing can assure that your home is lead safe. Children under the age of 6 are the most at risk for lead exposure. Frequent hand to mouth activity while playing can lead to lead exposure. Damage to the nervous system and kidneys can occur. Decreased intelligence and learning disabilities can be also be caused by lead poisoning.

Atlas Inspection Company is licensed by the State of Ohio to collect lead dust wipe samples in homes. With your investment into the safety and health of your home, Atlas Inspection Company, provides consultation, lab analyzed sampling according to EPA & ODH standards, and provides the customer with a detailed report of the results. Invest in your home’s health today. Do not allow your investment to become a health hazard and a liability.